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Together, we can start or improve your business’ digital transformation,
expand your audience up to an international level while going sustainable.
We are advocates for a greener way of living, that's why we have chosen to plant a tree for each of our clients.

Boost your profit through our marketing, e-commerce, and innovative services.
We are and we will always be 100% digital.

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Green and digital

Another Step addresses small to medium scale businesses that aspire to be renown in their domain and reach a wider network up to an international level.

We are an innovative, sustainable, and 100% digital company, committed to helping aspiring businesses create their digital identities while promoting quality over quantity.

We have been deeply committed to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle.  

In fact, in 2016, we launched a worldwide project called The Sustainable Tour - The Global Expedition that challenged the concept of traveling. The project allowed us setting off two travelers across different contentinents with zero emissions. Being able, in 2019, to travel from Mexico City to Alaska with the limit of using only sustainable means of transportation - walking, hitchhiking, and taking vehicles with low carbon emission to name a few.


  • Strategic Consulting

    In Another Step, we believe that your company is not limited only to being recognized on a local or national level.
    Using our innovative algorithm, we will provide your company with a free strategic consultancy that will prepare you for internationalization.
    Together, we'll analyze, identify and strengthen your points of improvement and help you become a profitable business locally, nationally and internationally.

    Get your digital strategy for free

  • Green Conversion

    We are born sustainable and we will always be.
    Another Step is deeply committed to helping your company to approach sustainability and to put in action a green conversion, that not only will boost your sales, but it will help you to join us in our fight to save the planet!

    With a simple step-by-step roadmap, we will facilitate the green conversion of your business optimising the costs.
    Not only that, but we will help you to maintain the green status in your long-term plans and with the creation of your company's CSR strategy - a powerful tool that will show your clients and shareholders all the good causes you do for the environment and the community.

    For us, Sustainable and Digital have a deep connection which is why we believe the first practice to start the green conversion of your business is to digitalize the process, and we are here to give you a (green) hand!

  • Media Production

    Digital, Sustainable... and Creative!
    Creativity is the third pillar of Another Step. We have gained a long-lasting experience in the production of contents.

    We believe and know by experience that everything starts with a great and well-developed Brand Identity (logo, colors and shapes). Only in this way, you'll be able to stand out from the crowd!
    Not only that, we make sure that every content that goes online will be a part of this brand identity and will affirm your business.
    The vast experience in the production of contents taught us to put the greatest attention to every detail in the photos, audio and videos we create for you.

  • Website/e-commerce

    In a Digital World, the presence of a website/e-commerce is a key tool to give your business the possibility to expand in all boundaries.

    We provide solutions for a fast, tailor-made and custom-designed website/e-commerce.
    Our goal is to give to all businesses the possibility to express better their online presence.

    From detailed domain research to the creation of highly optimized and professional SEO pages to customer support, we offer a complete set of solutions for your business that is both adaptable to your budget and company size.

  • Management Services

    A proper Digital Conversion of your company starts from the inside.
    Another Step will help you to maximize the productivity and the internal communication of your business thanks to a variety of Management Services.
    We optimize critical internal processes, choosing the tools that will make your life, and the one of your employees, easier such as calendars, forms, chat communication, Team and Tasks Management.
    These are the essential tools used to survive in the digital era.

  • Social Media Management

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just social media?

    Despite that the line between these two elements is always blurry, we in Another Step believe that a transparent, honest and creative social media strategy is the base of any business communication strategy.
    We have been using social media platforms since day one of our digital life and that gave us a great experience in handling every situation and surfing each viral wave.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, Youtube from where will your company start its digital identity?

  • Online Marketing

    Digital presence is not only about having a good social media account.
    A great part of the traffic towards your website is led by organic researches born from a SEO strategy that is organized according to your needs and the strength of your competitors.

    To increase the success rate of your strategy you have to develop a perfectly working system that will take into account all the available tools: social media, SEO, newsletter marketing, growth hacking targeting and data analysis.

  • Offline Marketing

    To be purely digital is not always the solution - yes we are aware of that.

    We do believe in the power of networking and that the presence/creation of events is fundamental to help your business boost its numbers.
    Another Step will accompany you in physical events, taking care of all the details from the design of the promotion materials to the most important exhibitions of your field - locally, nationally and globally.

  • Courses

    Are you interested in acquiring the skills needed to run your company in the digital world? Would you like to it in a fast and economic way?
    No problem!

    Another Step offers a set of courses for entrepreneurs.

    These courses will not only introduce you to the fundamentals of business and marketing but will also teach you the strategies that fit best for your businesses, both in theory and in practice through real case studies and a dedicated private consultancy.

    Our courses are:

    - Social Media Photography
    - Video Editing
    - Introduction to Digital Marketing
    - How to turn your Business Green and Digital